Is Your Brand Message Strong Enough?

brand message

Have you had the experience of knowing that a client is a great fit for you and your business, and yet they don’t buy? It hurts, yes. It can be a pretty painful moment…

Chances are your message wasn’t strong enough.

This is why developing a strong hook or message to your clients is very important. It starts with your brand story. How are you really helping them succeed?


Consider the following 3 points:

  • To be effective your message and brand needs to be crystal clear. It has to be instantly recognizable and resonant to the people that you want to reach.
  • A weak message can be detrimental to your success. People breeze right through mild messages which is lost in today’s world of digital advertising.
  • A strong message will align with the audience you are looking to target and address those pain points they may be having.

Yes, sometimes a strong message can drive some people away, maybe even come off as abrasive. That’s ok! You’re pre-qualifying those who are a poor fit or would never have bought from you anyway. Ask yourself the following as you develop a strong message for your brand.

  • Who is the ideal audience?
  • What type of message do you think reaches them?
  • What clients are best for you and your business?
  • Who would you rather work with?

Developing a breathtaking marketing message is a process. It doesn’t usually come overnight. Some of our clients deal with the fear of visibility that a strong message may deliver.

To help you move through the fear around a strong message, here’s a question for you: If you believe that your offering will help people, how can you keep it from them? A strong message will help them know you and connect with you and what you offer.

You matter. What you do matters. When you make sure people know what you stand for, you can have the impact you intend.

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