How To Build a WordPress Site

How To Create a WordPress Site

Learn How To Build a WordPress site in less than 20 minutes. Choose your web hosting package and domain name Click Here For Cheap Hosting Install WordPress application Choose & install WordPress theme Customize settings Learn about widgets & plugins Install plugins Change permalink settings Customize menu Simple as that. Click Here To Buy […]

Defining Your Target Market

Defining your target market is critical if you plan on any measure of success in your business. A solid foundation for your business requires that one of the first things – if notĀ THEĀ first thing you need to do is to – DEFINE YOUR TARGET MARKET! In laymen’s terms, that means you need to figure out […]

brand message

Is Your Brand Message Strong Enough?

Have you had the experience of knowing that a client is a great fit for you and your business, and yet they don’t buy? It hurts, yes. It can be a pretty painful momentā€¦ Chances are your message wasn’t strong enough. This is why developing a strong hook or message to your clients is very […]