College Dropout Who Scaled Ad Campaigns For Frank Kern, Grace Lever, Sam Ovens, Mike Dillard & More To As High As $173,000/day @ 3.5 ROAS:
Use These 12 "A.I. Instructing" Ad Copy Frameworks Today To Get Consistent Sales From Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube & TikTok So You Can Scale Your Profits Confidently!
You no longer have to spend years learning how to write copy.  You don't have to stare at a screen wondering what to say that sells.  And you'll never have to spend hours churning out copy for tests again!
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You’ll Instantly Become A Confident Advertiser Who Can Scale Profitably Using My 
12 "A.I. Instructing" Ad Copy Frameworks Or Your Money Back

Here’s your 20 year shortcut to becoming a world-class advertiser able to scale your ads past $10,000/day when you order today:

12 "A.I. Instructing" Ad Copy Frameworks

You’ll get these 12 “A.I. Instructing” ad copy frameworks on a simple Google doc with an example of an ad that’s produced over $1 million in sales from this framework, across multiple markets.

I broke down why and how they work so you can remove the guesswork from having million dollar ads predictably getting you sales - all written by A.I.

Bonus #1: 18 Creative Frameworks

Ad copy is important. But you have to grab people’s attention to get them to read. So I’m giving you my 18 BEST CREATIVE FRAMEWORKS (8 image and 10 video) that produced the most sales at scale for myself and my clients.

You can use these to start getting higher clicks while lowering your cost per lead and cost per sale today.

Bonus #2: Ad Planning, Production &
Video Editing SOP

This is a group of worksheets with detailed instructions I give to my team to write the copy, make images & produce videos for me from these frameworks so you can pass this off to your team to create everything for you.

Bonus #3: $100 Million Ad Swipe File

You’ll get dozens of different ads that have produced consistent sales and scaled profitably for every major market and traffic channel. They are organized by business model so you can see what frameworks others in your market are using to get all the sales, customers and clients they want with ads.

Here's 3 Reasons Why You Need These Proven Frameworks To Have A.I. Write Your Ads
  1. There's an old computer term called "garbage in, garbage out", it means if you put bad information into a computer, it will give you bad information back.  Same thing applies to A.I.  You need to train your A.I. with the best information.  These 12 Ad Copy Frameworks have been proven with millions in testing to scale sales.  They are the best at training A.I. to instantly create sales generating ads you can scale confidently.

  2. Big time ad agencies have already figured out how to use A.I. to pump out new ads because the algorithms crave creative.  The ONLY way to compete today is to have a constant stream of new ads being tested.  This is REALLY HARD to do as an individual or even a small team.  You'll get crushed trying to stay profitable while scaling if you don't have A.I. pumping out new ads with a few clicks.

  3. Your competitors are already trying to figure out A.I. on their own.  This is your chance to leap frog them and side step the learning curve by using my copy & paste "A.I. Instructing" frameworks
Here's Proof These 12 Ad Copy Frameworks Work To Scale Ads Profitably
“Jason’s work consistently brings me back anywhere between $1.99 all the way up to $3 for every dollar I’ve spent with him. He is my friend, my former client, and now my traffic guy.”
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Frank Kern
8 Figure Entrepreneur
“Over the last 90 days, Jason’s team took one of my products live. We’re averaging a $100,000 a month of revenue with less than $30,000 in ad spend, so we’re making almost 3 times back our money.”
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Mike Dillard
8 Figure Entrepreneur
“I attended Jason’s workshop & learned first-hand from him on managing Facebook Ads.  From dabbles of ad spend here & there, we managed to scale our campaigns to the point of spending $30,000/day & more profitably.”
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Sam Ovens
8 Figure Entrepreneur
“The thing I love most about the workshop was taking the super technical aspects and making everything super simple. Jason’s way of explaining things just makes life so much easier and it’s perfect for my business. Thanks, Jason!”
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Grace Lever
8 Figure Entrepreneur
Here's A Quick Demo On How Easy It Is To Use These 12 "A.I. Instructing" Ad Copy Frameworks To Make Sales Generating Ads
Meet The Master Behind These Proven "A.I. Instructing" Ad Copy Frameworks
Get Your Copy of 12 "A.I. Instructing" Ad Copy Frameworks + 3 Bonuses With This Special Introductory Offer Today
Warning! This opportunity to transform into a confident advertiser will not be around forever.  I realized how painful it was to waste my precious time writing ads, spending money on them and having them fail.  These frameworks fixed that for me.  Now all you have to do is copy, paste and profit from using the 12 tested frameworks you get with this product.

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